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2023 idaho screendance

A curated community event for dance and film arts. The Festival combines choreographic and film/video practice. All ages event.


Idaho Screendance Festival's mission is to promote dance and film arts in Idaho and the world. The festival is a virtual museum where a diverse range of artistic work combines choreographic and film/video practice. Artists are encouraged to further the arts by creatively exploring a wide range of ideas and themes via innovative movement, dance, and filmmaking.

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What is Screendance?

Screendance is synonymous with “Dance Film” or “Video Dance.” Screendance is defined as artistic films where movement/dance (any genre or style of dance and pedestrian movement) along with film/video practice are the main mediums of the art. Choreography, dance performers, location, costumes, makeup, sound, lighting, plus cinematography equal Screendance.

filmmaker benefits



Admission into the Idaho Screendance workshop, screenings, & networking during the festival. Free t-shirt and Filmmaker lanyard.


Professional adjudication of your film by professional screendance makers.

official selection

Eligibility for "Official Idaho Screendance Festival Selection" laurel. Official selections are invited to be in the curated screenings for a public audience.


Eligibility for adjudicated and audience choice awards.


Participation in Filmmaker Q&A sessions with audience after each screening session.


Networking opportunities to connect with people in the dance & film industries.


Film submission criteria

filmmakers & audience

This is an international film festival. All in the community interested in dance/film/art are invited to attend and participate in the Idaho Screendance Festival. Categories for filmmaker submissions range from ages five to adults. Submissions must adhere to the ISF criteria and be "PG" rated. Film submissions are submitted to a committee of highly qualified dance film adjudicators. Adjudicators score film submissions, and the festival directors curate the dance film festival from the highest-scored films. Each submission category's official selection is eligible for an adjudicated and/or audience's choice award. The festival offers a keynote speaker, a dance filmmaking workshop, screenings of the top film submissions, filmmaker discussions, Q&A with the audience at the end of each screening session, and networking opportunities.

Submission rules:

1- Films using any movement/dance genre or style will be considered.

2- Film MUST BE appropriate for all ages. This is a community-centered event to broaden audiences for dance, film, and art. No nudity, swearing, or violence. "PG" rated. The ISF adjudicators may ask the filmmaker to make adjustments for acceptance, and the filmmaker may choose whether to or not make the adjustments to be accepted.

3- Film Length:

2 to 5 minutes for Elementary, Middle School, and High School submissions

2 to 10 minutes for College submissions

2 to 10 minutes for pre-professional submissions

2 to 30 minutes for professional submissions

90 minutes or less for Professional Dance-Documentary submissions

4- All films must include:

  • Dance Video Title at the beginning of the film.

  • Artist Statement, a brief paragraph statement describing what was the inspiration/meaning of the work (this may be written in the beginning titles, or at the end credits, in the video description, or submitted as a separate word document).

  • Video ending credits, listing the director of photography, the camera operator, camera assistant, choreographer(s), dance performer(s), location, hair and make-up person, costume designer, location manager, production designer, editor, and general information concerning date, place, and who is performing.

  • A soundtrack for the dance film (i.e., music, noises, voices, bodies moving in space, etc.).

  • The film is edited.

  • Meets length requirements. 2 minutes minimum in length, no more than 5 minutes long for elementary-high school submissions, no more than 10 minutes long for college or pre-professional submissions, no longer than 30 minutes for the professional film short submissions, no longer than 120 minutes for professional documentaries.

  • Video format is watchable on any computer.

submission fees

Range from $25 to $50




“It was such a gift to connect with this gathering of films and of people. We found the design and the programming very thoughtful and distinct in its tone and inclusivity. Thank you for creating this kind of space! It was an honor to participate in a small way .”

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